About DMGM

MaxCare International was established in 1984 and the creator of 2 international brands under the umbrella of MaxCare International of very successful highest quality of color cosmetics principal company. As the world's leading color cosmetic company MaxCare International has been successful in blending tradition and a forward looking approach, thanks to the highest quality standards, an on going development program me and a global presence. Most part of MaxCare International activities is concentrated abroad. With the increasing globalization and expansion of international trade, we have witnessed the rapid growth and development of major commercial centers in the Middle East and Europe . At present, MaxCare is operating over the 5 continents through sole agents & distributors allover the world and also with specific distribution networks.

With so many textures to choose from, two criteria are essential for us and for our customers brand images – a consistently high level of quality and absolute safety for the user. To be sure of these requirements standard practice at MaxCare International cosmetics includes the use of the top quality raw, materials, multi – stage quality assurance, Chemo – Physical analysis in application, engineering and microbiological testing.

MaxCare feel obliged to the environment. Among other things, no maxCare products have been tested with animals and only environmentally acceptable materials are used in dispensing and packaging. MaxCare cosmetics production complies with International legislation on cosmetics and adheres strictly to the requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines for cosmetics. This covers a whole range of binding regulations for all stages of cosmetics production. MaxCare products are on the more stringent quality standards.

MaxCare International records some 85 % of its turnover in export business

Since 21 years, MaxCare has sold tens of millions units of color cosmetics products throughout the world. The company's achievements all around the continents underline the importance of versatility in commercial success and some shades, colors and products are specially created to cater for the sensitivities of a given country for the cultural market.

Beauty is an art that DMGM holds out to the whole world with a ''Touch Of Luxury''.

The beauty goes way beyond appearances. It's an emotion lying at the very surface of the skin. An awakening of the senses, the reflection of the harmony that links the soul, the body and the mind.

DMGM believes that every woman is beautiful and DMGM willing to serve each and every woman to fulfill that beauty with very high quality, scientifically innovative, research and result oriented products available.

DMGM future's beauty will be unique, exemplary, universal and multi-facetted.

21 years of experience and with the adequate support of the world's best research facilities and highest expertise have given DMGM a unique knowledge of the facial skin, its mechanisms and its specific requirements. Supported by the vast specialized international experience, we can develop high-tech research oriented products, which results in excellent performance, pleasure, safeness and creativity.

DMGM is fully aware of all the women's needs and understands that every woman is different from each other, but with DMGM fulfills her desires when she is listened to, understood and respected…

In detail our international research gives us ever-deeper insight into women's wants and needs. Hence we can offer each and every woman a beauty therapy that suits her precisely at every stage of her life.

Beauty is scientific, which is continuously requires reinvention. It needs special unique ingredients, brilliant textures and original bonds of colors. In this regard, DMGM is continuously pushing back the confines of science, technology and creation.

The culture and charm put together with beauty, the result is International style art of living with a “Touch Of Luxury” that DMGM highlights in distributing internationally. DMGM is an art of living worn with soft tones of simple and refined elegance.


Our commitment to quality

Immaculate quality and customer's satisfaction are our top priority & motto in DMGM. We are dedicated to assure you and all our customers as first rated service that you can always count on us.As on now through DMGM you can benefit and take advantage of the highest quality, innovative products and obtain personalised advices through our makeup beauty consultations.

DMGM offers a full range of result oriented high performance make-up range products, the most sophisticated satisfaction textures enriched with largely ultra modern active ingredients. Quality control is an on going continuous process with DMGM, our researchers mainly at Europe conduct several tests day to day in our laboratories.


DMGM at your service & disposal

Do you have a question or query? We will reply your e-mails at an earliest possible. Looking for choice? DMGM offers you a full range of colour cosmetics products to choose from.